Brain Go Bye Bye Conditioning Loops

Hello, my perfect playthings!

None of these would make any sense to you without first listening to the original (and free) Brain Go Bye Bye, so please do that first!

Brain Go Bye Bye Conditioning Loop: This is a 16m conditioning file which can be looped. It focuses on the trigger “Brain Go Bye Bye.” It’s really just a modified portion of the main file, but easy to loop and easy to start.

Happy, Horny, Empty, Brainless Hypno-Plaything: A really short loop for those are are already conditioned to all the triggers in BGBB and would like a quick way to relax and feel their minds empty.

Relaxed – Deep – Blank – Hypnotic – Trance: A 4m loop designed to help conditioning you to the trance trigger in BGBB.

These are all available through my Patreon.

Have fun!