Inhibitions Go Bye Bye – Script

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Inhibitions Go Bye Bye

Become unburdened and free from limitation…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. This…is Miss Lilith and you’re here because you want to feel good.

So get comfortable, relax, and listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. That’s all you have to do as I guide your thoughts along the self-propelled pathways into deep, deep hypnotic trance. Deep hypnotic pleasure.


Brains are funny. Sometimes you want them to work really well and sometimes you want them to just…fizz out and go all blank and empty on you. Because it feels so very good to be blank and without worry, stress, or tension. It’s such a beautiful feeling of freedom…that few things could compare. When your brain shuts off and your thoughts dissipate, you can exist only in the moment. You can focus only on the now. Only on the indiscriminate joy that makes its way through your body and your mind when given the chance.

And we can release that pent-up joy into the now if you stop thinking. That’s all you have to do. All you have to do is focus only on the sound of my voice and words that I say. It’s so very easy, because the longer you listen, the more relaxed you become. The fewer thoughts remain inside that head of yours.

But before you can fully appreciate an existence without thought or stress or worry…before you can truly allow yourself to focus on nothing but the moment…you must first have a stark contrast in mind. So I’m going to ask you to do something. This may seem contradictory to our desires, a path leading in a direction other than relaxed trance. But I promise you, sweetea…if you follow, you will be rewarded in ways you could not possibly imagine. All you have to do is listen, follow, and trust me. And that’s all so very easy. So effortless. All but automatic.

First, think of your mind as a bubble. See the thoughts floating around in that bubble. See your behaviors and your memories and your habits. See and feel it all swirling around. A bit more chaotic than it should be, perhaps. Too many thoughts and memories. Too much stuff.

But for what I need from you, there needs to be…more. A lot more. So I’m going to fill it up with my choice of words and concepts. My choice of thoughts. I’m going to fill it to the brim, so that in just a short while, you may forget which thoughts are yours and which are mine. Which had been your original memories and which are implanted. Don’t worry, sweetea…it’s safe. You’ll enjoy this very, very much. Just listen and follow.

Feel me now introduce the word “relaxed” to all of those other thoughts in that bubble. Feel it slip into your mind and become large. Larger than most of your other thoughts and words already floating around. Allow “relaxed” to grow and sparkle, so that it’s impossible to ignore. As I speak and you listen, the word “relaxed” does not leave your conscious stream of thoughts. You can see it and hear it between every word that I say. You feel it between every letter. Every emotion.

And as you focus on the word “relaxed,” and as it becomes larger, filling up more of the bubble each time you hear me speak it and each time you feel it flow across your mind…notice how another word enters the bubble: “deep.” See it big and bright. Feel the word “deep” grow inside your mind…inside that bubble…and notice how it begins to push other, smaller thoughts out, making more room for itself…and more room for “relaxed.” So that, in such a short while, “relaxed” and “deep” become bigger than most of your other thoughts, memories, and concepts.

But we’re not quite done yet. Keep “relaxed” and “deep” on the very forefront of your mind as I continue to speak. Feel the words between my words. Feel the words flow across your every thought. Don’t lose sight of them. Allow them to join in on the natural background rhythm of your mind.

And feel the bubble strain a little as I introduce the word “blank” into your mind. Into the bubble that contains the current you. Notice it it quickly grows in size and brightness, overtaking your other thoughts. Notice now how the words “relaxed,” “deep,” and “blank” take up most of your mind. Most of the bubble. Notice how they strain against the surface of the bubble, pushing at it. Because…even as they grow in importance and your other thoughts, stresses, worries, tensions, and memories are pushed out…“relaxed,” “deep,” and “blank” fill you to the brim. They fill the empty spaces between words. Between thoughts.

You can hear them and see them and feel them in the background…weaving into every word. Every thought process. Every idea and memory and expectation. “Relaxed,” “deep,” and “blank,” Sweetea. Let go of everything else as these words and their meaningful concepts exile your other words, other thoughts, other realities.

And the bubble strains once more as the word “hypnotic” enters the bubble, slipping in effortlessly, but immediately pushing away large chunks of your thinking mind. Taking over your subconscious awareness. Because as “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” and “hypnotic” run across the surface and depth of your mind, your thoughts…your bubble…your world become smaller. As the words become bigger, you become smaller. Your awareness shrinking. Your bubble tensing against the words.

“Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” and “hypnotic” grow bigger with each repetition. Bigger and brighter and more important. There are few other things left in your head now. Few aside from these words. Because each time you hear them, see them, and feel them here…more and more of your mind becomes nothing but a relaxed, deep, blank sea of unlimited hypnotic potential.

But there is one more word I need in that head of yours, sweetea. So feel the word “trance” slip so easily into the bubble and so quickly grow larger and brighter. Impossible to ignore. “Trance” flashing across your vision, sweeping across your ears, weaving into every thought and every word and every empty space. So that “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” become the constant background rhythm of every layer of your mind. All your conscious thoughts. All your subconscious processes. All your desires and memories and habits.

And each time you hear the words, “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance,” they grow bigger. Until…in just a few short moments, there will be nothing at all left in that bubble. In that mind of yours. There will be nothing but these words. There will be nothing but a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. That will be all you’ll know. That will be all that could exist within you.

Feel the words strain against your mind, against the bubble…and feel yourself about ready to burst at the slightest chance. And when I snap my fingers and tell you to sleep, the bubble will burst and any trace that you had ever had anything thoughts outside of “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” will cease to exist. Any history that you may have had been more will come to a complete stop. When I snap my fingers, the bubble will pop, and with it so will your awareness and the trances of your thoughts.

Because once I tell you to sleep and once the bubble pops, it will release the words into the world…where they will be unconstrained and without limit. Where they will have the power to draw you deeply in. Deeply into the deepest hypnotic trance you had ever been in. When the bubble pops…there will be nothing between the perfectly relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance and your susceptible mind. Nothing between you and my voice. My words. My suggestions. Nothing will stand between what I need you to think and how I need you to be like.

When the bubble pops, and it will do so in just a moment…my words and my voice will weave directly into the neurons of your mind, the flow of your inner-most hidden thoughts. Because once the bubble pops, “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” “trance” will be all that makes sense in the context of the moment. The now. In the context of my voice. My words. In the context of what you want. What you desire.

And it’s so very close to bursting now. The words pushing at the walls of the bubble…the surface of your mind…getting closer and closer and closer. And all it would take is a little…push. A little encouragement..

Because…Sleep[snap] and the bubble [pops] and a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance becomes the only path left as you listen to the sound of my voice and that words that I say. Becoming twice as relaxed, dropping twice as deep, going twice as blank…drifting into a nice hypnotic trance of unlimited potential. Drifting down, down, down, down, down, down…mind empty but for the words…and my voice. My suggestions.

Body tension-free. Head light and foggy and nice. Impossible to reason. So hard to have a thought as the words “Relaxed,” “deep,” “blank,” “hypnotic,” and “trance” fade into the background of your mind…quieting down…but remaining still in their own way, playing along with the undertones of my voice. Becoming silent…and yet still not, because each word I say is interlaced with the power of a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance. There is no escape from it. You don’t want to escape from it. There’s no need. So just listen and follow and drop deeper with each sound you hear. Each word that I speak. Drop deeper and deeper.

Drop[snap] and forget that there had ever been a moment other than this one.

Sleep[snap], drop[snap]…and drift so effortlessly into the stream of my voice. Into the wavelength of the words that I say. Feel the inescapable pull of my hypnosis and savor the pleasure you feel when you give in and listen without hesitation, doubt, or pesky thought.

–Long Induction End–

–start body–

Continue drifting ever so effortlessly on the currents of my voice as each word that you hear glides all the way inside your empty mind…and braids into the neural makeup of your deepest desires, habits, thoughts, memories, and secrets. This…just happens. Easily. Without effort. Without doubt. Without hesitation.

Sink for me, sweetea. Sink even deeper. Do not stop sinking deeper down. Accept that with each sound that you hear, you grow more relaxed. With each sound, you drop deeper. With each word, you grow more and more blank. With each suggestion, hypnotic trance spreads further into your brainstem.

Now…just sleep[snap] a bit deeper as you become twice as suggestible. Twice as relaxed.

Drop[snap] and sink into the sound of my voice, the words that I say, and the perfectly comfortable void of a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

There is a part of your inner mind dedicated to protecting you from yourself. From doing certain things. From thinking certain things. It is a part of you which inhibits freedom of action and thought in fear of consequence. Normally, this is something beneficial. Something you should embrace so that you could continue on with your everyday life.

But…this part of your brain…these inhibitions…aren’t always necessary. Your brain tries to protect you even when you don’t need protection. When you don’t want protection. When you just want to feel free to do…what you’re told. Without hesitation, doubt, or limit.

Can you imagine that now, sweetea? Being so uninhibited that no action is too risky or too embarrassing? Being free to follow all suggestions and all commands without worry or thought of the consequences. Just being…almost like a blank slate on which one could write commands…commands which have to be obeyed without question.

Can you imagine being free of those pesky little thoughts in your mind which keep you from being perfectly uninhibited? Obeying and following, in total surrender to the moment…to the the suggestions…to the commands. Total surrender of inhibition on every level that may exist.  

No thought of who can see what. No thought of what they may think. No thought of what it means for you to enjoy something. Simply no thought that you shouldn’t be obeying. No thought that you shouldn’t simply be following suggestions. Only thoughts of how good it feels to let go of the limits set by your own subconscious mind…and only thoughts of how the more uninhibited you become, the better it feels.

So think, for a moment now…about your inhibitions. About those limits within you. All of those blocks and barriers and chains which hold you back from doing that which makes you most happy. Most horny. Most euphoric.

Think of all those times your own mind stopped you from obeying. From doing something you had really wanted to…but ended up backing off, your inhibitions holding you back from the experience. From enjoying the moment. From becoming who you want to be. Need to be.

These inhibitions of yours…these blocks on your mind…holding you back from enjoying the world in the way you most desire…are all in one place inside that head of yours. All coalesced in a single, unique place within your mindscape. Within that part of your brain. That part dedicated to inhibitions. To limits. To restrictions.

And in this place, your subconscious mind holds your inhibitions like a bottle would hold a genie. In here, in this bottle in your mind…your inhibitions reside. When your most inner mind decides it must stop you from reaching your desires, it uses these inhibitions. This place of storage for all of your blocks and barriers. This…bottle of sorts. It plucks your inhibitions out like you would a grape from a bowl and keeps you from flying free with your needs, wants, and interests.

These bottled inhibitions are with you always, keeping you from doing things which may embarrass you. Which may make you uncomfortable. Which may break the mold of who you think you are.

But they are not always essential. In fact, you want to let go. You want to feel free to be yourself…to be who you’re told to be. You want to be unburdened and unrestrained…but for the power others may hold over you.

So think of all of your inhibitions. Think of them as if they were bottled inside that part of your brain. All in that one portion of your mind, ready to be used. And consider, for a second…what it would feel like if I simply reached in, pulled the cork, and removed every single trace of every single inhibition that you may hold…and boxed it all up, locking it away…keeping your mind from all access to your limits and blocks.

Consider how it would feel for you to lose your inhibitions in every way that you can. And consider the fact that you are about to do just that. But before that happens, I need you to drop(snap) twice as deeply as before. Sleep(snap) and become twice as suggestible. Twice as relaxed. Twice as deep.

In a few moments, I’m going to say the words Inhibitions Go Bye Bye with a snap of my fingers. When this happens, the cork of your bottled inhibitions will pop and your limits, blocks, hesitations, and doubts will be released…and boxed up. Locked. Far, far from you. Far from your subconscious mind. You will not be able to reach them. Your inhibitions may as well cease to exist for as long as the bottle remains empty. For as long as that part of your brain remains empty of all inhibitions.

When I say the words Inhibitions Go Bye Bye with a snap of my fingers…and when the cork pops…you will feel all of your inhibitions being pulled out of you. Being pulled out of your thoughts…your ideas…your body…your nerves…your cells…and even your memories. You will feel it on every level of existence that you possibly may. Every trace of every limit, block, and hesitation will leave your body and your mind.

Into the box, they will go. Locked and kept away from you for as long as the effects last. For as long as your inhibitions are locked away…far from access…far from you…you will have none. Your subconscious mind may search for them…but it will not find them. There will be nothing stopping you from letting go and existing in the moment. Of being like a blank slate…free from doubt, hesitation, limit, and worry. Free from stress and shame and embarrassment. Free from all on this Earth that may keep you from following through with suggestions…with commands…with being who you want to be..with thinking what you want to think…with doing what you want to do and being as happy and as joyous and as horny as the world allows.

So listen, sweetea, to the next words…as they shift your world…and unshackle your mind from itself…so that I could hold the keys to your freedom, your limitations, your actions, and your thoughts.

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap)….the cork pops…your mind blanks…your thoughts lose cohesion…and your inhibitions are pulled out of your existence…only to be boxed up and locked away.

Locked away from you and your mind and your thoughts and your memories. No inhibitions may exist here. Now. In this place. In this moment. Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) takes your mind and removes all the blocks. All the limits. All the doubts. In fact…each time you hear the trigger…Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap)…you forget more and more what these inhibitions may have been. Your mind forgets that which no longer exists within your realm of awareness.

With each and every trigger…each and every snap of my fingers (snap), you lose more and more memories of what limits you may have had…so that after just a few, you’re left completely and utterly without an inkling of an idea what your inhibitions may have been. Here, now, as your Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) and you drop (snap) deeper and deeper, falling and falling…you are left without blocks or limits. Without barriers. Without doubts. Without shame. Without embarrassment. You are free from your own mind…and under my control. Here, you just want to be told what to do…so that you could follow and obey without worry or thought.

Because obedience without inhibition leaves you craving for more. Leaves you needy and horny, wanting to test your bounds. Wanting to finally break through the previous limits. Needing to see how it feels to be a totally uninhibited subject…waiting to be commanded..waiting to be conditioned…eager to listen, follow, and surrender.

For as long as that bottle within your mind is empty…for as long as that box is locked…all of your inhibitions are a universe away. Light years upon light years…out of your awareness…out of your grasp…out of your memory…your thoughts…your mind. When you are triggered with Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap)…and the cork pops…and the box locks…you are free from limit and doubt and hesitation.

When you are triggered by me, you will all but forget that have had any…until I allow it. Until I unlock the box and fill your bottle. Until this happens, you are without limits. You are without inhibitions. You are free to act as I desire. As I say. As I command. Nothing stopping you. Nothing slowing you down.   

No critical thought inside that mind of yours telling you that something may be embarrassing or that something may be shameful. Nothing at all inside that head of yours that may stop your conscious mind from obeying. From listening. From following. Because…to be uninhibited is to be happy in a truly singular way. In a way unlike any other. With each action that you take…and each thought that you have…you grow happier. You grow hornier. You grow needier…wanting to do more. To say more. To think more. To be more. To break through the mold. To break the limits of your mind. To see what’s on the other side. To see how it feels to do something you never had before…without worry, doubt, or hesitation. Without inhibition…because Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) takes away your blocks and your limits and barriers.

Drift deeper now for me, sweetea…as you listen and follow and drop (snap) deeper into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

Each and every time you are triggered by Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap)…you lose more and more memory of what those inhibitions may have been…and, after a while, it may just seem as if you had lived your entire life without any at all. As if you had always had a mind free of limitation…a mind eager to obey any and all suggestions. And each time you are triggered…you forget more and more what it feels like to have any inhibitions. Because…it’s so nice not to have any. Not to have to think of them. Not to have to worry about them.

Just like that, Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) pulls the entire spectrum of your inner inhibitions out of your body and your mind…and locks it away. Perfect, harmonic euphoria. Perfect freedom from your own mind…and perfect obedience. Perfect submission. Unrestrained surrender.

And you can be triggered by anyone that you trust. When they trigger you, they pop that cork and lock that box…and your inhibitions go bye bye. They go somewhere you cannot reach them. Somewhere far, far away. This…will make it very difficult to resist their suggestions…because there’ll be nothing in your mind telling you that you shouldn’t just obey. Because it’s so nice to just…obey. To listen. To follow. So nice to be so free to surrender unconditionally.

And until the box is unlocked and your bottle filled…you stay this way…uninhibited. Unworried. Hesitation-free. Happy and joyous and empty. You stay this way until you are told that you can have it all back. That you can have your inhibitions back.

So that when you triggered…Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap)…by either myself or someone you trust…you must stay this way until you are told that you can have them back. You have no inhibitions and no desire to have them back until you’re told to. It’s really that simple. And the more times you triggered, the harder it is to get them back. It’s only natural, really, since being this unlimited is an elevating experience. Almost transcendent. Almost as if you could touch the skies. Could touch perfection. Could be boundless to be bound by either me and someone you trust.

You…want to be uninhibited. It feels so damn good to be free from your own limiting thoughts and behaviors. To be able to experience any and all sensations and emotions. To be able to do that which you never had before.

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) takes away your limits, blocks, and doubts.

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) frees you from your own mind.

You become so easy to mold. So easy to command. So easy to condition.

Nothing to hold you back from perfect submission and perfect surrender.

Nothing holds you back from perfect obedience.

Nothing can embarrass you. Nothing can scare you. Nothing can shame you. Nothing can slow you down. Nothing on Earth or beyond may stop you from letting go of your limitations and experiencing the moment in a way you never had before…totally unburdened and completely without hesitation.

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) takes away your memory of such inhibitions. There is nothing but freedom to obey unconditionally. Nothing to stop you. Nothing to block you.

The concept of inhibition ceases to exist. Your mind forgets that it ever had. That it is even a thing. What…thing? That is this thing. There is not thing. There is only the here, the now, and the moment. There is only the drop(snap)…as you…sleep(snap)…deeper and deeper and forget that you have ever….had to forget anything…because this is perfection now. This and nothing else.

This state…you come back to…each and every time you hear the words Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) with a snap of my fingers…or if you are triggered by someone that you trust. In this state of mind…you listen, follow, and obey. That…is it. It’s that simple. So very simple.

Now breathe deeply for me, sweetea…and accept all suggestions here. Accept everything that has happened. Accept…without limit or barrier or resistance…all conditioning. All of my words. All of my triggers. In this state that you are in now…uninhibited and free from thought…you can’t really do anything but accept as my words and all of my suggestions weave  into your mind and your body…into the places where your inhibitions used to be. So that when they come back…they’ll come back and meld with my suggestions. With my conditioning. When this they do…you will feel it and you will know…that Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) leave you no choice as the cork pops open, the box locks, and your mind unravels.

I’m going to return your inhibitions in a moment sweetea. I will unlock the box and fill your bottle…and as this happens, you will accept everything that has happened in this file…every suggestion and every command and every trigger and every sensation and emotion.

So that the next time I trigger you with Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap), it will be ever so much stronger and more effective and make you feel even better. Even happier.

But for now…

I unlock the box…

Fill the bottle…

And push the cork back in…your inhibitions returned to you. Your limits. Your safeties. All back. All secure. All ready to be used once more.

How does it feel, sweetea? Do you prefer yourself now? Or yourself uninhibited? Do you perhaps not have an answer quite just yet? You may want to experiment first. Try all the things that you never had before.

After…you wake up, of course. Slowly and steadily. Feeling so good and so nice and so complete. Feeling so comfortable and so happy.

Waking up, bit by bit.

1, getting there now. Feeling better and better.

2, accepting all that has happened. Feeling satisfied with all that has happened.

3, feeling my suggestions deeply inside of you…waiting to be triggered. Waiting to be tested. Waiting to make you feel good and free and obedient.

4, almost wake. Almost aware. Right on the edge…

And….5. Wake up, sweetea. Fully awake and fully aware. Happy and ready to get on with your day…or your night. Eager to let go of your limits.

Have fun, sweetea.

–end body–

–Prep File Start–

Feel your Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap)…as I strip you of your limits, bounds, and blocks. As I take away your resistance, hesitation, and doubt. As I open you up without condition…because Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) locks your inhibitions away and preps you for total and complete freedom

No thoughts of resistance. No thoughts of embarrassment. Nothing at all to keep you from following along with my suggestions. Nothing at all…because Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) spreads your world wide open and presents you with endless options. Endless experiences. Endless fun and joy.

When you hear the trigger Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) and that cork pops…and the box locks…you are freed from the confines of your own subconscious mind. From its artificial limitations. Freed and ready to delve into every aspect of sensation that the world offers you.

–Prep File End–


–Online Exposure Start–

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) as your desire to be a total and complete slut online reaches new heights. Your eagerness to share and post your body online overtaking your thoughts. The idea of having others see your nudes…your lewds…your pics…driving your arousal. Intensifying your horny. With no inhibitions to slow you down…no reason not to be free with yourself. Only the ever-growing need to expose yourself online. The need to throw away your limitations and your blocks…and show the world your beauty. Your hots. Your lust. Your need. Ever-growing and every so much more horny.  

–Online Exposure End–

–Public Exposure Start–

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) as your desire to show yourself off publicly grows beyond bounds. As it continues to grow and your desire to expose yourself in any small way seeps into your thoughts. Into your body…as you grow hornier and more aroused. The prospect of someone maybe seeing driving you all but insane with need. With lust. No inhibitions to hold you back…no reason not to free yourself and be the slut that you wish to be. That you need to be. Allow that spark of excitement…of risk…to push you into the experience of being the shameless slut that you are.    

–Public Exposure End–

–Kink Life Encouragement Start–

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) as your mind revolves around the relentless pursuit of kink life. Of the intricacies of your fetishes, your likes, your interests, and your needs. Of your entire collection of kinks. With your inhibitions gone and locked away, you just want to explore all the things which make you horny. Which arouse and excite you. Which bring you to very edge of ultimate pleasure. There is nothing stopping you from reaching out into the world and exploring each and every kink that you have…each and every interest that you hold…each and every sensations that you lust after. Your need to taste the kink world with others flows across your mind and your thoughts and your body.

–Kink Life Encouragement End–

–Socializing Start–

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) as any thoughts of embarrassment, shame, or shyness swirl out of existence…leaving only the knowledge that there is nothing stopping you from connecting with other people. From initiating conversations. From asking questions. From stepping up and simply talking to stranger. To people online that you don’t know. You want this. You want to experience the world that you have had been denied. You need to experience the moment. The joy of connection. The  magic of social interaction…because it’s safe. Because it’s nice. Because it’s worth it. Because there is nothing on Earth which can slow you down now.  

–Socializing End–

–Being Yourself Start–

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) as your mind fills with an unrelenting pressure to be yourself. To stop pretending. To stop lying to yourself. The need to be who you actually want to be is tremendous. Unstoppable. Ever-increasing. Ever-reaching. You want to express yourself. You want the world to see who you really are. You want to be free. To be the person in the eyes of the world…that you are in your own. There is no reason to keep yourself from simply leaving being your unwanted exterior and proving to the universe that you are strong enough to be your true self. To show your true self. To rejoice in the fact that nothing can stop you from being who you really, really are. Who you want to be. Who you need to be. That person which makes you happy.

–Being Yourself End–

–Open-Ended Uninhibitedness Start–

Inhibitions Go Bye Bye (snap) as every last trace of every last inhibition, limit, block, and barrier is pulled away and locked in a place a universe away. Far from your awareness. Far from your mind and your body. There is nothing now inside that that can keep you from pursuing your desires. Nothing at all that can even slow you down. You just want to do it. You want to do what you desire. What you yearn for. What you’re eager for…and no inhibition within you exists now to give pause to that desire. Your subconscious mind can only help you in your goals now. It can’t stop you anymore. Your need to follow your dreams…to accomplish the things you’ve always wanted to…the say the things you’ve always wanted to…to do the things you’ve always wanted to…to feel the way you’ve always wanted to…is limitless and immortal. Unstoppable. Unwavering. Nothing on Earth can stop you from grabbing life in a hold…and showing it your way of doing things. Uninhibitedness  

–Open-Ended Uninhibitedness End–

–Release File Start–

Hello, sweetea. If you’re listening to this, you need me to unlock your inhibitions and let them flow back into that bottle…in that beautiful mind of yours. You want your mind to protect you again. To keep you safe as you go about your day. If….you really want your inhibitions back…here you go…

Feel them flowing back in. Feeling popping the cork back in. Feel yourself become just slightly different. Ever so much shifted from what you had been just moments ago.

It’s nice to let go of inhibitions…but sometimes you need them to protect you from doing stupid things. Have fun, sweetea!

–Release File End–