Listen To Lilith – Loops & More

Hello, Sweetea!

None of these would make any sense to you without first listening to the original (and free) Listen To Lilith.

Patreon Tier 3+ (loops and alts+):

Let my voice take you away…

Long Conditioning Loop: The main body of the file, without the induction and wakener, but with a quick suggestion to drop at the start of the file. Can be looped almost seamlessly.

Passive Loop: Can be listened to outside of trance on repeat. Nearly all mention of dropping has been removed.

MindFuck: The body of the main file, but super compact, each ear with its own audio track and a background brainwashing loop.

Patreon Tier 2 (Parted +):

This is just a slightly altered breakdown of the full session.

Listen. Follow. Drop. (Induction): Repurposed from Kinky Workout. Is the perfect induction for this type of session.

Listen To Lilith – Body File Only (Body): Just the body of the file, without the induction, the wakener, or the suggestions after wakeup.

Listen To Lilith – RAW (Body): Just like the above, but without any SFX and with wakener and final suggestions included.