Listen To Lilith – Script

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[F4A] Listen To Lilith [Erotic Hypnosis][Deep Induction][Voice Conditioning][My Voice Makes You Melt][The More You Listen, The More Aroused You Become][Listen, Follow, & Drop][Triggers][Post-Hypnotic Suggestions][Arousal][Joy][Hypnotic Suggestibility][Snaps][SFX]

Listen To Lilith

My voice drips into your mind like honey, compelling you to listen, follow, and drop…

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. I…am Miss Lilith and you are my perfect hypnotic subject. Eager to listen, follow, and drop.

[Induction From Workout File Begin]

So settle down now. Listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. Follow along as your eyes begin to close and your body starts to relax. It’s so very easy to listen, follow, and let go. It takes no effort on your part. My words simply flow into your mind all on their own…as if by the power of gravity. As if you were pulling them inside of yourself without effort or perhaps even knowledge.

So notice how each word that you hear not only falls into your mind…but is pulled into you. Into your thoughts. Your neural network. Into your memories. Pulled all the way inside the deepest depths of who you are. What you think. How you act.

And because it’s so very easy to listen and follow and feel my voice soak into your brain with smooth, relentless force…encouraging your own thoughts to make room…to fade away…to freeze in place…you can begin to notice how much more relaxed you are becoming with each passing second. With each word. With each instance of my voice making its way into your mind. Your awareness. Your inner world.

You can notice how each word that you hear right here and right now…penetrates your skin. Your flesh. How it resonates with your muscles. Your nerves. How each word and each sound and each second marks a deeper level of relaxation. And as you relaxed deeper and deeper, your body becomes numb. So very, very numb. Losing sensations. Losing thoughts. Losing memories. The more relaxed you become, the fewer thoughts you have. The fewer sensations in your body. The fewer muscles.

As I speak, my voice washes over you…flowing inside…soaking your brain…imbuing your thoughts with my suggestions. My intent. So that when I suggest that you could perhaps relax further…you do so easily and effortlessly. Without hesitation. Because it feels good. Because you want to feel good. Because you want to drop. You want to drop now. You want to drop deep. You want to let go and feel your body smooooooth over and become completely and totally numb. You want your mind to empty. You want your thoughts to slooooow down…to get so very, very heavy…to…leave you in peace so that you could enjoy my voice and my words and the trance.

Just imagine for a second how it would feel…if your body’s connection to your brain were weakened to a point of almost nonexistence. Imagine how it feel if all of your thoughts turned to mist and evaporated, leaving only my voice, my words, and my intent inside that mind of yours. Imagine how it feel to be more relaxed than you’ve ever been in your life. More empty than you’ve ever felt. More suggestible than you could have imagined. More open to change than even the most suggestible of subjects.

Imagine the pleasure you could feel if you could reach a level of trance deeper than you have ever had before. Think about the state of your mind in a hypnotic trance so deep that all of reality becomes malleable. Easily changed. Easily discarded. Easily ignored. Everything ceasing to exist except for the sound of my voice, the words that I say, and the relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic drop (snap)…as you fall deeper and deeper and deeper…down, down, down…drifting and drifting…dropping(snap) and dropping(snap). Thoughts fading. Body numb. Memories forgotten. My voice. My words. You listen. You follow. You drop. You sleep(snap).

And because it’s so easy to listen and to follow right here and right here…I need you to wake up for me, sweetea. Open your eyes. Wide. Open them now. Fully awake and fully aware. As if nothing had happened. As if you hadn’t just listened to a few minutes of my voice. As if you weren’t still so suggestible, on the brink of deep hypnotic trance. As if a single word wouldn’t just drop(snap) you back down into that deep, beautiful trance…your eyes tightly shut…your body relaxed, numb, and gone. Your thoughts faded. Your need to drift deeper down twice as powerful.

Because each time I bring you back here, you drop twice as deeply, become twice as relaxed, and twice as good. Because each time I drop you, you open up wider. You become more and more suggestible. Each time I snap my fingers, you grow emptier and more excited to experience deeper and deeper levels of trance…because the deeper you drop, the more suggestible you become…and the more intense the changes will be. You want this. I want this. And so… we will make this happen. Together.

Now wake up again. Open your eyes. Wide awake. Fully aware. Eyes open. Body your own, but loose and relaxed. Mind foggy. Hazy. Thoughts misty and translucent. But still…totally awake and ready to be brought down deep again with a simple, quick drop(snap). So easy to sleep (snap).

All the way down, down, down…twice as deeply as before. So much more suggestible. So much more open. So much more empty. Only my voice and my words in your mind. Barely hanging on to any awareness. Barely able to tell whether you even have a body anymore. You don’t really care, though. For now, you just listen and follow.

So open your eyes once more. Open them now. It may be difficult, but you listen. You open your eyes. You wake up. Aware. Listening. Following. Breathing deeply and slowly as you drop(snap) back down into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance…where thoughts are but faded memories and nothing exists but for my voice. My suggestions.

And you want to continue dropping deeper still…but for now, open your eyes. Just open them now. Wake up. Fully awake. Fully awake. No matter how difficult it is, you still listen and follow. You still wake and sleep as you are told. Because you know that the more you listen and the more you follow, the closer you get to your goal. To our goal.

And as you drop(snap) back down, twice as deeply as before…all that much more suggestible…al that much more eager for change…your thoughts stop. They simply stop. They leave you be so that the only aware thing in your mind is my voice. My intention.

Before we move ahead…I need you to take a snapshot of how this level of trance feels…how it feels to to be this deep..this relaxed..this numb…this empty…this good…this suggestible…and imagine how it would feel if you could double this feeling with another one of my drops(snap).

Imagine how it feels to double it again (snap) and again (snap) and again again). Each snap…each and every single snap…taking what you feel right now…and doubling it. Doubling your relaxation. Doubling your suggestibility. Doubling your emptiness. Your numbness. Your depth of trance. The intensity of your pleasure. Your joy. Doubling your eagerness for change. For for my voice. My words.

Each and every snap (snap)…as you drop (snap)…and you sleep (snap)…pulling you down deeper…flooding your thoughts with my voice…soaking your brain in my words…removing all tension…all awareness…removing everything…but…this…very…moment…in…time.

Down…down…down…drifting and drifting…spiraling into the void…

And as you continue drifting downwards, you listen and you follow and you accept every suggestion…every change…every idea…every word.

From here on, every time your subconscious mind hears the word “deeper,” you drift deeper down into hypnotic trance. No thought involved. It just happens. You just drift down deeper and deeper. Effortlessly and automatically. Barely even aware of the fact…but fully able to enjoy the sensation of sliding down, down, down deeper.

Every time your subconscious hears the word “follow,” you grow more suggestible. More receptive to suggestion. More easily changed and altered and improved. Hypnotic suggestions etching themselves onto the walls of your brain. Embedding themselves within the cells of your mind. Braiding into your thought patterns. Fusing with the neural pathways of your cerebral existence.

So just listen, follow, and drift deeper down as I speak and my voice and my words procreate within the confines of your mind, saturating your awareness and unawareness, leaving you open and eager for more.

[Induction From Workout File End]

More of my voice…more of the pleasure that it carries in its wake. Because…each and every word, each and every sound out of my mouth…affixes itself to the foundation of your mind. To the falls of your brain. Bonding with strings of your thoughts.

Each tone and each frequency of my voice and my words weaving into every instance of every thought, idea, memory, behavior, and reaction that you have. That you’ve ever had.

Focus on each, tiny little detail of my voice…how it sounds to your ears…how it sounds in your mind. Focus on the intricacies of the lower tones…and the higher tones…focus on the space between the words…between the letters…pay attention to the promise in each word. Each sound.

My voice promises pleasure. My voice promises joy. My voice promises trance. It’s so easy to listen, follow, and drop deeper for me. Because…the deeper you drop and the more you listen, the easier it becomes and the better you feel. The more pleasure racing through your body. Your thoughts.

You can almost physically feel my voice and my words as they travels through your ear canal and along your auditory nerves…all the way into your brain…your neural network. And as my voice travels through these pathways…you can almost begin to feel the vibrations that my sound waves leave across your entire auditory system. Those tine little vibrations as the liquid in your ears responds to the frequency of my voice.

It’s as if…I were pushing myself into your head. Into your mind. Into your thoughts. Climbing inside that head of yours…so eager to accept me. So eager to listen and to follow and to drop. So intent on feeling me inside of your mindscape. Inside of your most deepest, intimate thoughts and memories.

Deeper and deeper and deeper you drift…as you listen to the sound of my voice and the words that I say…and as you follow without question…follow without doubt…follow without worry…follow naturally, effortlessly, and automatically…because you crave more.

More of my voice…because as you already know…it makes you feel good. It makes your brain feel good. It makes your thoughts feel good. But…”good” doesn’t quite capture what happens in your mind when you hear my voice. When you hear the sounds that I make. Good is only a fraction of all that you experience.

Every time you hear my voice…it passes through all the layers of your mind…your psyche…and into the deepest parts of your being…spreading itself along each and every node of space. Each cell. Each nerve.

Nothing can stop my voice and my words from imbuing your brain with my suggestions. My hypnosis. My triggers. My conditioning. My will. My desires. My sounds. My waves. My frequencies.

You just want to listen…and enjoy every second as I wash over your brain. As I wash away your thoughts. Your resistance. Your defenses. You open up wide for me, Sweetea. You spread your thoughts and feel me probe every part of your mind. When you listen…you follow.

When you hear the sound of my voice…you listen…and you follow…and you drop. You do not question it. You do not wait. You do not hesitate. You do not bother doubting the words that you hear. Because…you trust me. You trust that I only want the best for you. That I only want the thing that you do. That…I can give you the pleasure that you seek and cherish so intently.

Pleasure of the mind…and the pleasure of the body. Because as my voice travels through your ears and into your brain…flooding your mind with pleasure, joy, and trance…it doesn’t stop there. It travels down through your spine and into every nerve that you posses. Into every limb and every organ and every digit. Every muscle and every tiny little bit of your skin…and every bone. It travels through your face and your chest and your arms and your legs. My voice travels across the entirety of your physical presence.

Almost as if there were musical strings dispersed across your whole body…interwoven into your muscles…your veins…your flesh…your bones…your nerves. And when I speak…my frequencies travel into your brain and then spread across these musical strings…sending pleasant vibrations all across your body. Tingly and nice. Like micospopic, tiny, little orgasms…but again and again and again…with each new word. Each. New. Sound.

Every. Word. Vibrating. Through. Your. Body. Your. Mind. Pleasure. Reaching. Into. Every. Part. Of. Your. Mallaeble. Flesh. Mallaeble. Mind.

It doesn’t truly end…for as long as I remain speaking. For as long as you listen…you follow and feel the tones and vibrations of my voice reaching into your very soul. Your very being. All of your pleasure centers. The longer I speak, the better you feel. The more you listen…the more aroused you become. Because…

My voice touches you in a way almost physical. Every word that makes itself into your mind and throughout your body…like a soft touch on your skin. Perhaps…fingers brushing against your back. Perhaps my breath…my teeth…on your neck. Perhaps my mouth on your nipples. Perhaps my flesh in your own mouth.

You never know what to expect. You never know what you’ll be feeling, where, and how strongly. Each time is a new experience. Each time is better than the last. Each listen to my files…to my voice…allowing you to feel more and more pleasure. More and more joy. Feeling my voice reach deeper into the recesses of your mind. Your thoughts.

Feeling me latch onto your subconscious mind with a hold so firm it may as well be unbreakable.

When you settle in to listen…your mind already knows what you need. What you desire. What is sure to come. Your thoughts already aligning themselves in just the right patterns so that you could listen and follow and drop. The second you begin to listen to my voice…it’s already too late. You’re already dropping and drifting and sinking down, down, down. Nothing can keep you from dropping deeper. From dropping to my voice.

The sound of my voice may as well be hypnotic trance itself. There is no fight against it. No struggle. Only acceptance. Only joy. Only pleasure. Only arousal.

With but the slightest of suggestions, your mind shifts and changes so that you can drop for me. So that you can drop to my voice. So that you may listen and follow..because that comes naturally. It comes easily. It comes automatically.

And when my suggestions…carried on the eternal, immense strength of my voice…flow into your mind…there is no stopping them. No questioning them. They simply enter your brain, find their place…and become a part of you…as if they always had been.

This happens because listening and following allows you to feel good. Because listening brings into focus all the pleasures of the world that you could experience. Because following allows you to grow and change and enjoy the process of being hypnotized, conditioned, and dropped. Dropped so deeply. Always deeper and deeper. Always feeling better and better. More and more pleasure. More and more joy. More and more arousal.

Just consider, for a moment…how it would feel if I could simply…tell to drop for me…and you’d do so automatically. Without an induction. Without any type of drop trigger. Without any type of pre-talk or agreement. Just an offhand suggestion that you should drop…and drop deeper for me. Just like that (snap).

Wouldn’t that feel…spectacular? Wouldn’t it feel…arousing so lose that control? To have no defense against my voice. My will. My conditioning. No barrier between what I want and what you follow..the two being one and the same. I speak…and you listen and you follow.

My. Voice. Is. Enough. To. Take. Away. Your. Agency. Your. Critical. Thinking. Mind. Your. Thoughts.

And…wouldn’t it feel even better if I could simply…suggest something…anything…and have you just as simply listen and follow? If I could implant a trigger deep within your mind with but a single, short sentence and a single, simple idea. No trance needed. No explanation. You don’t need those. Not really. Trance feels amazing…but I can instill within you triggers and suggestions with much less effort.

All you need to do for me…is listen. Keep listening and following as it becomes easier and easier and more automatic to experience my voice in the way you most desire. In the way I most desire.

Now…I’m going to wake you up…by counting to five. With each number, the suggestions here become a more important, stable part of your life. My voice becomes a staple of your thoughts. Your mind.

So…1, and begin to wake up slowly and steadily. Feeling good and nice and eager to hear the sound of my voice as it brings you more and more pleasure…the more you listen. The more you follow. The more you drop.

2, and you become a little bit more awake. More aware. Suggestions deepening…suggestions seeping deeper into your psyche. Spreading and multiplying. And the stronger the suggestions become…the better you feel. The more joy you experience with my voice. The more arousing my voice becomes.

3, and the more you wake, the more my voice spreads arousal throughout your mind…your body. The more you wake, the better you feel. The more you wake, the happier you are.

4, almost there. Almost fully awake. Almost fully aware. Feeling nice and satisfied. Relaxed. Pleasant sensations travels up and down your body…my voice travels through your ears and into your brain and down your spine and into those strings…and into every cell and every nerve and every muscle.

And…5, fully awake and fully aware…feeling nice and good and perfect. Satisfied with the session. Satisfied with how you feel. Ready to take on the day or the night. Ready to be the person you want to be.

You’ve done such a good job, Sweetea. You’ve been such a good hypnotic subject.

How…does the sound of my voice feel to you? How do the tones and frequencies of my voice and my words make you feel? What sensations do they inspire? What emotions? Which vibrations? How does it feel…and what thoughts run through your mind…when I perhaps suggest that you should drop for me again.

Just…drop into trance. Maybe…right now. Maybe…right here. Just like that.

And…how does it feel..and what does your mind experience…when I perhaps suggest…that you’d like to very, very much, repeat these words out loud: “I listen. I follow. I drop.”

Again…and again…and again. Feeling pleasure each time you do. Thinking of my voice as you do. Thinking of how it makes you feel. What it does to you. To your mind and your body. To your future.

I listen. I follow. I drop.I listen. I follow. I drop.I listen. I follow. I drop.