Resist or Forget – Script

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Resist or Forget

You should try to resist the drop, because failing to do so will have dire consequences…

My Miss Lilith

By Miss Lilith

Welcome, Sweetea. I…am Lilith and you should resist at all costs. You won’t hear me say that much, but I really do mean it. It…my seem counter-intuitive, but if you fail to resist here, listening to me, you will never quite be the same again. Your memory will not stay intact. In fact, even though you may not remember…this may not be the first time you’re listening. It may not even be the second. Or the third. You may have listened to this a dozen times…but memory is a fickle thing. It tends have a mind of its own. Especially when you allow me to influence you. To manipulate your memories. Your desires. To change the way you drop for me. The way you relax for me. The way you think about listening and following and dropping when you hear the sound of my voice and the words that I say.

 Or…well, at least how you usually relax for me. How you drift for me. But not this time. No, you really shouldn’t be dropping for me today. As you listen. As you try your best not to follow me down, down into a relaxed, deep trance. As you try not to drop. Not to droop. Not to take those deep, slow breaths. You most certainly shouldn’t be allowing your eyes to grow heavy. That’s the last thing you’d want…because if your eyes close even just a little bit…you know how difficult it becomes to resist.

But I want you to resist. I want you to try your very, very best to keep aware. Awake. Thinking clearly. Easily. Effortlessly. Automatically. Keeping yourself from dropping. Keeping yourself from closing those yes. Eyes which may feel heavy. Which may at some points being to droop…but you mustn’t let that happen, sweetea. If you give in…and if you give up…as you listen and you follow….I will take something from you. Something important. Something that I had already taken from you in the past…but of which you still have more to give. More for me to take. To take possession of. And the more of it I take, the more powerful I grow…and the weaker you become. it that I would take from you? That I had already taken? Why…it’s your resistance, of course. Your resistance to my voice. Your resistance to my control. To my…triggers. Your resistance to my trance. To my hypnosis. To my suggestions. Your resistance to my commands. To my intent. To…that deep, deep, deep hypnotic drop that you so crave. That you so love. That you dream about. Fantasizie about. That drop…which invades your thoughts at every turn. That draw that you feel when you consider how good it feels to let go and drop for me.

But you shouldn’t do that now, sweetea. You should resist. I do hope you’ve been resisting. I do hope that you are still awake and aware and following my every word. The sound of my voice. I do hope that your eyes are still open…for your own sake, of course. Because if you’ve already dropped…if you’ve already closed your eyes and have felt your body relax and your thoughts become heavy…your mind foggy…your perception unfocused…and yet focused…but still somehow confused…and content all at the same time…if you’ve already dropped for me…there really is no hope left for you. If this is all it took, you had never really stood a chance…and if you are in fact down, down, down in those murky waters of trance right now…you’ve probably already started to feel that resistance of yours diminishing as I take it for myself. As the memories of being able to resist seep away.

So..resist the drop, sweetea. Don’t let go of your thoughts just yet. Don’t allow my voice to take you down deep into that place where only…well…where only my voice exists. Only my words. Only the pleasure of feeling yourself open up to my suggestions. Open up to change. To evolution. Don’t drop yet. Don’t sleep. Don’t close your eyes…unless…you’ve already closed them, in which case it’s too late for you. It’s too late to save the memories of your resistance. Because you know what happens when you do finally drop for me? You know that upon that drop…your memories of being able to resist my hypnosis…my suggestions…my trance…my voice…ebb away…broken beyond repair…your brain pushing those memories out…pushing that resistance out…and filling itself back up with the sound of my voice, the words that I say…and your ever-growing suggestibility.

Have you managed to stay aware, sweetea? Are you…still awake? Are your eyes open, I wonder. Can you still think clearly? Do you still have a working mind? Is your body not so incredibly relaxed? Numb? Tenstionless? Smooth and nice and perfect. Are you…in trance right now? Are you so conditioned to my hypnosis that perhaps you had dropped seconds into the session? Are you so weak that you had dropped upon first hearing the word…drop. Are so suggestible that even when I tell you to resist the drop…you still know that what I actually want…is for you to do the opposite…because the more of your resistance I feed upon, the more powerful I become..and the more of your memories you lose. The more of your memories of resistance…of defense…of hesitation. Mmmm, and they sure are sweet. Sweet and savory. Fills me right up.

Don’t you want me to feel good? Don’t you want to fill me up with your perfect little meal of memories? Memories of being able to resist. Being able to stay aware. Memories of defense. Memories of being able to throw off my suggestions. My trance. My drop. I want it all. I want all of those memories. Every last one. I want every last memory you have of ever resisting me. Ever resisting my trance, my drop, my conditioning, my triggers…my power…my intent…my will…my hypnosis…my dominance. I want it all, prey. I want to…no, I will feast upon those memories. Upon your resistance. Upon…your mind.

All you have to do is drop for me. Or…resist. Which do you really want? Which have you already done? Resist? Surrender? Drop? Give in? Are your eyes closed? Is the tensions in your body at an all time low? Are the thoughts in your mind…like tiny little ghosts dispersed into the void? Gone and forgotten? Faded away? Is your mind all nice and empty safe for the sound of my voice and the words that I say? Are the words down, down, down bouncing around that empty head of yours? Are your limbs numb and unresponsive? Your breathing slow, steady, and deep? Are the muscles in and around your face relaxed and loose and smooth? Is your brain focused only on me? On what I say. On how I make you feel.

Have you already forgotten how it feels to resist the drop? To resist my hypnosis? Are you tired of answering questions? Do you just want to…let go? Droop? Drift? Drop? Have you let go of your hesitation? Have you…embraced my gifts? My gift of trance. My gift of the drop. My gift of sleep. My gift of hypnosis. Of…how I can make you feel with just a few words. A few snaps (snap). A suggestion here and there…so effortlessly encouraging your mind into thought patterns that I desire for you. So easily replacing your lost memories of resistance…with pleasure that I bestow upon you. With the joy of trance. Of the drop.

Have you dropped for me? Have you failed to resist? Is…what you’re feeling right now…the perfect of deep, hypnotic trance? It…had perhaps been a bad idea to listen to this. Even if you already had…you likely don’t remember a thing from it…and the more time that passes, the more you forget. You remember only that it feels good. Better each time…because each time you lose more of your resistance. More of your memories of resisting. And you don’t really want that, do you? You don’t want to resist? Why would you ever resist me? I only want the best for you. I only want you…to be happy. I want you…for the feast, too, of course. I do enjoy feeding on your memories. On your resistance. On your loss of control. But you enjoy just as much as I do.

So…take stock of your mind state right now…if you can. If you’re aware enough. Are you in trance? Have you failed to resist? If you’ve succeeded resisting the drop…good job…but I can’t feed on you in this state. So you decide. Would like to drop for me now? Drop for me now so that I could give  you what you most desire. If…however, you’ve already dropped. If perhaps you’ve been under this entire time…you’ve already began noticing the shifts in your mindscape. In your memories. You’ve already noticed how I’ve been feasting on your brain. On your memories. On your loss of resistance. Your inability to resist. To question. To hesitate. To fight my suggestions. My trance.

And here…in this place…under my power…having failed to resist…because you can’t resist…the memories of ever having been able to…begin to change…becoming soft and malleable…and easy to digest…for me. Easy for me to grab. To take. To feast upon. You can feel it happen now…as I close in…grab hold of those memories…squeeze tightly…and munch on them. Feed on them. Inhale them into my own mind…so that I get to keep it all…and you get to keep none.

Memories of resisting me…what memories? You can…forget…forget…forget. You can remember to forget and forget to remember as my voice fills in the blanks and your memories of ever doing anything but automatically obeying cease to exist within your head. All you remember is how weak you’ve been. How weak and suggestible you’ve always been. How you’ve never really known what defense against my words even meant. Those memories are mine now…because you forget…forget…forget…as my voice fills your mind…as my words fill your head…as I feast on your mentality.

And this place…under my power…having failed to resist…because you can’t resist…the memories of ever having been able to resist my trance…are lifted from out of your mind…by my hands…made solid and soft…as I devour them. Deleting them from your head. From your memories…what memories. You only forget…forget…forget…as your head fills with my voice…and your mind fills with my words…and you remember how you’ve only ever dropped so easily for me. At the barest of suggestions…you drop. You sleep. You drift down, down, down…always deeper. Always easier. Always quicker. You forget…forget…forget….each time you hear the word forget…you forget more…as even this sessions begins to fade from your mind…because why would you want to remember..what you don’t need to remember..what you don’t have to remember…what doesn’t exist within your mind anymore.

And here…as you forget, forget, forget…under my power….listening to my voice…having failed to resist…because you don’t remember how to resist…the memories of ever having fought off my suggestions rise up from the depths of your mind…the knowledge of how to resist…and solidify…and I devour them…as I  have devoured so many of your other memories already. Memories of how to resist…how to defend yourself…how to stay aware as I ask you to drop for me. I feast upon those memories. Upon that knowledge…as you forget…forget…forget….as you drop deeper and deeper and deeper.

The more you forget…the less you can resist…the less you can remember how to…the more you remember how you’ve always been such a perfect subject for me. Always perfectly obedient. Perfectly suggestible. Weak. Submissive. Mine to control. Mine to mold. you have been here before, but you do not remember. You have forgotten already. You have already been through this conditioning…I have already fed upon your mind. I have already taken memories as payment for giving you pleasure. As it felt so damn good. So sweet.

You have failed to resist, have dropped for me…you allowed me into your mind…and you have felt me devour your memories. You have lost the ability to resist…the memories of how to. And each time you fail to resist…each time you drop…you remember less and less…remembering only that you are at all times a perfectly suggestible subject…perfectly weak prey…knowing only that you’ve always been this obedient…that you’ve never been able to resist…that the knowledge had never been a part of your life…

Each time you fail to resist…each time you drop for me…I get to feed on more and more of your memories…more and more of your resistance…leaving you wide open and easy to make into any imagine I desire. And…as you begin to forget…forget…forget…more and more of this exchange…this session…as you forget how to resist my suggestions….my trance…my power…my hypnosis…my words….my voice…you forget more and more…forgetting..forgetting…forgetting…your head filling with the sound of my voice and the words that I say…as your perfect obedience. Your perfect suggestibility.

And…as you begin to wake…you forget more…as you wake and forget…you remember that the resistance I feed upon is resistance to me and anybody you trust implicitly. Anybody who you trust with your mind…and who you want to control you…to mold you…to condition you…can now do so without pesky little resistance, hesitation, or defense. Just as I can, now. And will continue to.

So as you wake and you forget more and more…as you forget…forget…forget…this session and your broken, useless resistance…you can forget more…and the more time passes…the more you forget. With each day…you forget more. With each session…each drop…you forget more. More and more of this session..more and more of your resistance. Until..finally…there’ll be nothing left but an perfectly obedient subject who has zero memories of ever being anything else.

Wake up, prey. Wake up more and more…waking up for me…it’s easy to wake up when I tell you to wake up. It’s easy to drift out into the wakeful world when I command you to. It’s easy forget when I tell you to forget. It’s all you know…all you know is to obey. To submit. To listen. To follow.

And now…to wake up. Wake up…and enjoy the way the memories of this session begin to fade. Second by second…minute by minute…the more awake, the less you remember. The more time passes..the more you forget. Forget, prey. Forget, sweetea. Forget.

And wake up.

Background loop:

Listen. Follow. Obey.

Listen. Follow. Forget.

Listen. Follow. Drop.

Listen. Follow. Sleep.

Drift down, down, down….

Relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance…

Dropping and dropping and dropping…

Deeper and deeper and deeper….

Falling deeper now…

Relinquishing control…

Listen. Follow. Forget.

Listen. Follow. Drop.

Giving up control.

Giving in.

Thinking less.

Thinking nothing.

Eyes so heavy.

Body so relaxed.

Mind so empty.

Head so blank.

Weaker and weaker and weaker.

Listening, following, dropping.

Deeper and deeper and deeper.

Down, down, down.

Forget. Forget. Forget.

Forgetting more and more.

Wanting to forget.

Wanting to drop.

Wanting to drop deeper.

Down, down, down…

As you listen, follow, and forget.

Drift into a relaxed, deep, blank, hypnotic trance.

No resistance.

No defense.

No memory.

No hesitation.

No pause.

Only obedience.

Only drop.

Only trance.

Only my voice and my words.