Inhibitions Go Bye Bye

Welcome back, sweeteas!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s the Bye Bye time. Following in the footsteps of Brain Go Bye Bye and Control Go Bye Bye, I bring you the unrelenting and unapologetic Inhibitions Go Bye Bye.

With this, you’ll be able to shed the unwanted parts of yourself. The parts holding you back. The parts of your mind responsible for preventing your most truest self from entering the present moment. In other words, I’ll be giving you the ability to leave your inhibitions behind at a time and place of your own choosing. In any way which you wish. In any that…whoever triggers you wishes.

[[[If you would just like to skip straight to the content, Listen to the versions labeled [Submission-based, with long induction] and then choose from the option files.]]]

This isn’t like most of my other files, so please do read through this whole description, because there are many, many different versions.

First of all, the basics are that I’ll be installing a trigger which can be used by either me or anyone you trust. This is not permanent, but while uninhibited, you can be conditioned in…well, countless of different ways. So just be careful who you give the power to trigger you.

The main file is pure conditioning and the option files are pure action.

This one uses the same induction that both BGBB and CGBB used, but there is another version added: one without music. So you can choose to listen to the version *with* the music in the induction or the ones *without*.

Furthermore, there are two main versions as to the content. One is “Subby,” which is targeted towards people who are, well…submissive. The other is “Switch,” which is a more neutral file with no mention of obedience or surrender.

Finally, just as before, there are also versions with long induction and short inductions. If you are already well conditioned to my files and my voices, you can use the short induction.

And now, for the option files (all can be looped aside from the release file):

Prep File: A simple starter file which can be used at the beginning of the day to feel less inhibited or before perhaps another file.

Online Exposure: As the name suggests, this one entourages you to expose yourself online.

Public Exposure: Be careful with this one, as it pushes you into wanting to experience what it feels like to be a shameless slut…in public or semi-public. Make sure you can do that safely!

Kink Life Encouragement: Pushes you to explore your kinks in any way that you wish. Perhaps this is what you need to pursue that kinky relationship you’ve always dreamed of?

Socializing Push: Helps you reach out and connect with people, allowing you to experience a life without fear of socializing.

Being Yourself: Allows you to be yourself in every way which you can. Why hide when you don’t need to?

Open-Ended Uninhibitedness: General lowered inhibitions for use before sessions or subjects not covered under the option files. If you need a little push, this is where you come.

Release File: Just in case you need it, this file releases you from your uninhibited state and returns you your limits, bounds, and restrictions.

Submission-based, with long induction Loop is automatically enabled.
Submission-based, with short induction Loop is automatically enabled.
Non-submission-based, with long induction Loop is automatically enabled.
Non-submission-based, with short induction Loop is automatically enabled.

Prep File Loop is automatically enabled.
Be Yourself, Sweetea Loop is automatically enabled.
Kink Life Encouragement Loop is automatically enabled.
Online Exposure Loop is automatically enabled.
Open-Ended Uninhibitedness Loop is automatically enabled.
Public Exposure Loop is automatically enabled.
Socialization Push Loop is automatically enabled.
Release File Loop is automatically enabled.

For the full, unabridged description, please follow the Reddit link below. For a lower quality audio stream, use Soundgasm. For videos, we’ve got…Pornhub.


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