Rise of the Jingle Bells

Dashing through the trance–
In a mindless, empty state–
Deeper down, we advance–
Blinking slowly, thoughts deflate–

The bells sound–
Resistance resigned–
Your mind bound–
The jingle such a fine find–
For pleasure is inbound–

The Realm of The Seven Witches

You must first choose between the seven witches and their wildly varying promises and ideas about what “fun” means. The sights, sounds, and sensations that await you will boggle your mind and bring you to the very edge of overwhelming pleasure…or, perhaps, despair.

Brain Go Bye Bye

If you listen, I will take your intelligence, your memory, your ability to form any sort of thought aside from what I wish you to think, and rid you of that pesky little mind of yours. Rid you of all that resistance that you may have. You’ll exist in a place outside of the real world.

The Lewd Librarian

The fantasy aspect centres around pussy worship (mine, of course), nipple sucking, and a sexy, horny, lewd librarian (me!) who takes advantage of your entranced state of mind and makes you her little bitch for just a little while. No way to resist. No way to disobey.

Overload – Induction

This drop into deep trance here is gradual, but very, very effective. I tire your mind out, and when you’re ready and so eager to let go, I allow you to. Once you do, you’ll be nothing but a receptive subject, awaiting my suggestions.