Good Vibes

Hello, my good Sweeteas!

To start, this files assumes that you’re at least somewhat conditioned to the drop trigger. If you are, you’re going to drop really far down in a really short amount of time.

Once you’re down deep in trance, I condition you to the word “Good.” On its own, it will become a beacon of euphoria, arousal, and joy. Combined with other praise phrases, it will send you spiraling into a storm of deeply-rooted mindgasms. Especially effective if you like any sort of praise or enjoy being called pet names.


It won’t matter how you’ll come in contact with the word. Whether it be heard, seen, or simply thought about, you will feel the pleasure echo in your mind and in your body. Be careful.

Now be a good subject and drift for me on the waves of bottomless trance and bliss.  

Main File Loop is automatically enabled.

For the full, unabridged description, please follow the Reddit link below. For a lower quality audio stream, use Soundgasm. For videos, we’ve got…Pornhub.


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